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Parashara Light 9 Download Full Version is an cosmology software software developed by Geovision Software Inc. It is a thorough and potent Vedic numerology tool that offers accurate and in-depth analysis of many facets of life, including career, relationships, health, and more. Parashara Crack is commonly regarded as one of the best cosmology application courses available today and is used by both professional astrologers and numerology fanatics everywhere.

  • Parashara Light 9 Download Full Version Crack &# 8211, Parashara 9.0
    • Parashara Light 9.0 Complimentary Get in Hindi for Panels 10
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Parashara Light 9 Download Crack includes a collection of over 30, 000 charts, including the baby figures of countless renowned citizens from background. Users can access these charts to study the planetary positions and aspects that influenced the lifestyles of these individuals. Users can also provide their beginning information to create a personalized birth chart that analyzes their astrological page in great detail.

Parashara Light 9 Download Full Version Crack &# 8211, Parashara 9.0

Users can make predictions about future events using planetary positions and distances using the Parashara Light 9 Download Full Version’s variety of predictive instruments. The program consists of a transit prognosis tool, which will enable customers to track the movements of the planets and their effects on various areas of life, such as job, relationships, and health. Customers can also generate charts and reports, including design and bhukti reports and astronomical durability reports.

Its compatibility with different cosmology networks is another noteworthy aspect. Parashara Light 9.0 Crack includes tools for American cosmology and Jaimini numerology, a lesser – known method of Hindu cosmology that focuses on spiritual progression and specific growth. Consumers can also use the technology to assess interoperability between two people based on their conception data, using either the classic Ancient or present synastry methods.

Parashara Light-weight 9.0 Completely Download in Hindi for Windows 10

Parashara Light 9.0 Complimentary Acquire in Hindi includes a wide range of customizable adjustments and possibilities. Consumers can choose from different themes and color schemes and modify the document’s font and size. The software also includes a built – in encyclopedia, which provides exact geographic location for areas widespread.

Parashara Light 9.0 Free Download for Windows 10 is a thorough and potent cosmology software program that offers a wide range of features and tools for both professional soothsayers and astrology fans. It is a versatile tool for researching and analyzing various facets of life thanks to its extensive database of conception charts, predictive tools, and personalized settings. Whether you are new to cosmology or an experienced specialist, Parashara Light 9 is a valuable asset for everyone interested in this ancient and exciting arts.

Parashara’s Light 9.0 Crack is the leader of Vedic Astrology, an historic Indian technology that does expose the information of the past, current, and prospect in your life. Current processing technology is combined with this cutting-edge mathematical astrophysics technology. The largest Ancient numerology software company in the world. These are the only items on the market that are suitable for beginners and pros likewise. providing great velocity, style, ease of use, accuracy, and a variety of computations.


    Birth Chart Database: It provides a sizable collection of more than 30 000 baby charts, including charts of well-known historical figures. You can also enter your own conception information.

  • Predictive Tools: The software provides a range of predictive tools, including a transportation forecast application, combination and bhukti reports, planetary power reports, and more.
  • Compatibility Analysis: Users is use Parashara to assess connectivity between two individuals based on their delivery data, using either the standard Vedic or current synastry methods.
  • Western Astrology: The program includes resources for European astrology, allowing clients to analyze their conception charts and transits according to the American method.
  • Jaimini Astrology: Parashara Light 9 Download Full Version offers equipment for Jaimini numerology, a lesser – known structure of Ancient cosmology that focuses on metaphysical advancement and personal development.
  • Customizable Settings: The technology offers a variety of personalized settings, including themes, coloring schemes, baptistery and words dimensions, and more.
  • Built- in Atlas: Includes a built – in map that provides exact geographic coordinates for locations globally.
  • Remedies: The software provides a range of treatments for various celestial sufferings, including pearls, mantras, and other spiritual practices.
  • Graph Customisation: Customers can modify their beginning tables by adding or removing planets, changing the color scheme, and more.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Provides a range of comprehensive reports, including terrestrial information reports, companionship reports, connectivity reports, and more, providing users with in – depth research of various aspects of their lives.

What’s Fresh?

  • Really classy and user – welcoming graphical interface.
  • Practice participatory training!
  • Supports all applied astrological estimates and practices.
  • Fully customizable monitors, graphs, interpretations, and prints.
  • English, Dutch, Hispanic, and German are just a few of the language that are supported.
  • Hindi is only available from our Indian distributor ).
  • Simply keep track of who, when, and why information are printed.
  • Completely technological help!
  • Built – in universe atlas instantly enters parallel, latitude, moment territory, and daylight saving time
  • Automatic yoghourt repair and quotes on each graph providing a distinct and comprehensive summary report.

Parashara Light 9 Major:





Program specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows Xp, Vista, 7 / 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Memory( Ram ): A minimum of 512 Mb is needed.
  • Hard disk space: 500 Mb of gratis room required.
  • Intel Dual Core or higher chipset.

How To Install / Crack?

    First, get Parashara Light 9 Access Full Edition from the link below.

  • Extract all important documents and shut your net network.
  • Commence the technology by making the placing.
  • Go to the download files after opening the stimulation area.
  • Open the program with the key leaflet and record the license.
  • Everything is ready.
  • Enjoy.

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