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While this option seems extremely thorough, you need to proceed with extreme caution as some experts cunningly trick clients into patronizing their services instead of your preferred team. Discuss timelines, time zone differences, and schedule an engagement model to understand the team’s modus operandi. And when you finally settle with a remote team, arrange a call with them, and discuss things in person.

The cost of services, working hours, and cultural understanding greatly depend on the country in which your dedicated team operates. For example, developers from Asia may offer lower prices, but Eastern Europeans usually understand ​​the American work style better and offer higher quality. By hiring a dedicated team, most clients are not only looking for additional resources for testing. They are also looking for motivated and interested project specialists who will be proactive and strive to perfect the final product.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

When your budget for a project is strictly fixed, opting for a dedicated team model is not the best idea. Sometimes you just don’t need a full-time designer or a project manager. In this case, a fixed-price model is more than sufficient to deliver the necessary result. With a dedicated software developers’ team in place, you can rest assured of getting daily updates on the work. In case you need to make any changes, you can simply delegate the changes to the dedicated team services and the same will be implemented with no hassle. The advantage of this method is a large selection of specialists of different levels, although, of course, there are still juniors in the majority.

For this to work, the Sannacode team advises writing a simple and honest copy, rather than a formal job description. It is useful to add a relevant picture so that the post is higher in the feed and attracts more attention. It is also worth asking colleagues and employees to share the publication, this greatly increases the chances of finding the right person. Dozens of colleagues and potential contractors are added as friends to the startup founder every day.

How Outsourcing The Hiring Of A Dedicated Software Development Team Can Help Your Startup Growth

Combined with professional management, it creates an inspiring environment. A Great Deal of FlexibilityOur delivery is based in Eastern Europe, allowing for at least several hours of time overlap. When you require closer collaboration, our dedicated team will operate onshore.

Keep in mind that a dedicated software development team is solely focused on your project. They not only develop but share their insights, views on technologies and trends, and so on. If your project is dynamic and incorporates new technology/new features, a dedicated team quickly accommodates themselves to the latest technologies and trends.

However, this should not lead to the business owners being tied up in routine work and other time-consuming tasks. Project Managers are a perfect compromise because they serve an intermediate link in the management and report on the work as it is completed. Business owners can hire a project manager together with the developers’ software team or manage them on their own. While the Time&Material model also gives you the space needed for in-depth research and development, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll work with the same team throughout the project.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

Their loyalty is not pledged to any startup and is only available to create, fix, or maintain a product. This option describes the United States-based startup outsourcing some or all of its development projects to the USA-based app development agency. By outsourcing your software creation, you can easily leverage the software development agency’s network of talents to fill a knowledge gap in your startup. Even though this method is as effective as an in-house workforce, it exempts you from the liability of catering to some management expenses. With this, you can focus more on your startup’s business needs while the dedicated team assists you with technical requirements. Project ManagerThe Project Manager oversees the entire development process.

Hire Dedicated Developers From A Company That Truly Cares!

As one of the leading software development companies, we believe in commitments and understand the value of being on time. Further, this is our core strength, and our 90% client retention ratio proves this. Once you hire a developer with us, it is our responsibility to meet the deadline. After this integral procedure is completed in a faster mode, the work begins.

In addition to producing the profits from the project to the enterprise, this is also helpful in increasing the number of jobs within the organization. The size of the dedicated software development team is mainly dependent upon the size of the project. A software development team owner can significantly reduce costs by scaling resources up and down as needed. Another common mistake most companies make in the pursuit of saving money is that they look for cheaper options.

It helps in easy scaling, solving issues that the team knows, and creating a familiar software development process as well. With transparency, seamless reporting, and scalable offerings at its core, TatvaSoft’s technical mavens identify business loopholes and suggest solutions that benefit clients in the long run. Dedicated development team model implies hiring a self-managed team that is dedicated to your project.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

A dedicated development team is hired by the vendor and is physically located at the vendor’s office. The vendor takes care of all the administrative and legal issues including recruitment, payroll, taxes, sick days, and benefits for the developers. Now that you’re motivated to hire dedicated developers for your product, let’s teach Dedicated Development Team you some things to know before launching out. By outsourcing your web development to a dedicated development team, you can easily leverage their talent network to find needed expertise. This is especially important because the type of product you’re building determines its technology stack and the kind of team to work with.

Proven Dedicated Development Team Model

Hence, it is needful to hire expert developers and support masters with technical backgrounds, and good communication skills that help your customers. Being one of the top software development companies, we respect your confidentiality. Through proper Contract, Non-disclosure agreements, we make sure that your corporate data and unique ideas remain safe with us.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

Keep both short-term and long-term goals clear and adequately prioritized. Fortune 500 companies and world-class brands have chosen Intellectsoft as a reliable digital transformation partner. I give my consent to Intersog to process and retain my personal data as set out in the retention section of the Privacy Policy. I am mainly focused on enterprise mobility and digital business transformation, and highly curious about all emerging tech trends.

Online Board Game Application

Startups are at liberty of choosing four types of web development teams. Each type of workforce is unique and has its advantages and disadvantages. For proper understanding, we’ll group the team types by company and cooperation models. As you consider hiring a web development team, you should also know the type of website you’ll like to build. This is particularly important to help you communicate your expected deliverable and guide you through the negotiation process.

  • Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to hire skilled yet non-entitled IT pro for in-house work?
  • If you hire offshore developers for long projects, you can even get discounts for continuous usage of the developers.
  • Traditionally, clients from the USA and Europe prefer to work with dedicated teams.
  • The best way to effectively manage and retain developers for hire is to pay them well.
  • A dedicated development team works solely on your project and is thus more focused and cost effective.

Hire dedicated development team that is learned & experienced in all stack technologies. Developers for hire are equipped with the knowledge of hi-tech latest technologies. So we can help clients to merge best-fit resources, create SDLC set-up, develop QA strategies, & do substantial testing through manual and automated processes. Moreover, we guide you to manage the projects efficiently to reduce the product launch time. Intersog does not only give you a dedicated team of developers; we empower your project but sharing our skills and unparalleled experience.

Technologies & Frameworks Our Team Is Skilled In

Recruiters are constantly looking for bright minds for their clients. Significantly, there are much staffing and recruiting agencies that you can work with to hire dedicated programmers for your next big project. Next, the critical concern is where to look for efficient dedicated developers who will not bail out on the project at the critical moment. Staff augmentation is suitable for short-term projects and requirements.

How We Can Help You Build Own Dedicated Development Team

Thus, the flexibility that a dedicated team offers to the clients is unbeatable. Using outsourcing services, it is possible to find dedicated developers for your projects from any part of the world. In fact, the most cost-effective and qualified developers are being outsourced from the countries of Eastern Europe. A dedicated team is a business model when a company gets qualified IT professionals for a certain period of a project duration through a service provider. At this stage, we ensure the client’s safety by signing non-disclosure agreements to protect any sensitive data and confidential company information. After that, we schedule a call to find out more about our clients and their business.

As the developers tend to leave the timers on and do other tasks while you pay for the project activity. So, if you cannot keep an eye on your developers all the time, you should not hire offshore development team under this model. Hire dedicated developers to provide you with numerous options to choose from.

Dedicated development companies can do the job for you and you do not even need to worry about your team composition. You can really save a lot of money and time and get your business solution done faster if you choose dedicated development team model. And we all know that time is money, and your time to market means a lot. Traditional methods of hiring a team of developers include costs for office space, training and onboarding, and other legal expenses. Since dedicated development teams are employed remotely, fewer of these costs are incurred without having to compromise on the quality of work.

As these forums are worldwide, you can even hire offshore dedicated developers at reasonable rates. If you want experts to take care of your project, you should look for the most active and followed developer on the forum and approach him to work for your upcoming projects. Competitions like Hackathons are based on technology and coding challenges. Here you can find dedicated and top developers in the technology of your choice. As Hackathons usually provide real-world challenges to participants, and the ones who come up with the best solution win the hackathon. So you should hire developers for startups from such events as they are experts and have good knowledge in converting business problems into solutions with code.


Dedicated development teams are all over the world, but numerous factors influence how you choose your team. Hiring a dedicated software team circumvents much of the hassle and the added costs. A dedicated development team is the metaphorical equivalent of a food delivery service that brings the meal right to your door. Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition. It has more than 5K downloads in the Play Market and smooth workflow ensured by the code of our developers.

How A Dedicated Team Gives You A Competitive Edge?

You can change the size of your team at any time via a notification that is sent one month in advance. Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects. As an entrepreneur venturing into cryptocurrency exchange, creating a proper and comprehensive platform for your service is essential to help you succeed in the growing industry. Launching a new business venture is one of life’s great adventures.

This team works remotely and you can communicate and manage them directly with the help of management software or structure. You can choose professionals and form a remote team that works like your in-house employees. To be specific, they are not like your in-house employees, they act like one. Today’s businesses know that only profitably delivering services to their customers is not enough. They want to become more effective, able to respond, and more agile.

And you’ll be again stuck in the cycle of hiring and training new employees for your projects. Time & material engagement model provides the highest level of flexibility, but this comes at the cost of unclear completion dates. As you can keep changing the features of your project until you are satisfied, while you just have to pay more money.

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