8 Icebreakers That Won’t Make You Cringe

Rapid changes in the ice edge and ice concentration, as seen from two consecutive MODIS images on 6 January 2014 and 7 January 2014. Also shown are the outer sea-ice edge , the zone delineating old from new sea ice and the zone delineating fast ice from first-year ice , and the open-water leads . Both instances come with local “ephemeral” storage that we’ll be using here. Using very fast local drives should help expose differences in other parts of the system and avoid testing cloud storage. The instances are not perfectly identical, as you’ll see below, but are close enough to be considered same grade.

Business Process Model Diagram Empathize Diagram step-by-step actions and inputs in a business process. Brand Design Brainstorm Creative Market Design Help facilitate the process of designing a brand for a client remotely. Board Meeting Plan Foster open communication and mutual understanding of the state of things. Accenture Interactive Workshop Essentials Accenture Interactive NL Icebreaker This toolkit provides all the basic exercises that are necessary to run a user-centered workshop or an ideation session. Information Technology Empower hybrid, remote, or distributed teams to work better together. Executives Activate imagination and innovation across all your teams.

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For the period of the outage we didn’t fail, we just got zero requests to the ELB. Clearly, something was wrong, but based on all available metrics we couldn’t determine what specifically. Somewhat icebreakers for virtual meetings at a loss, we contacted AWS support and asked if they had any better metrics on their side. Thankfully they did and, as it turns out, the ELBs had died due to out of memory errors.

  • It can be hard to do OSS on POWER given the lack of access to such HW.
  • Crazy Eights Accenture Interactive NL Brainstorm Use this template to ideate solutions to an agreed-on problem to solve.
  • The period of ‘zero requests’ that we were seeing in our metrics was simply due to the fact that there was no available ELB to service the requests.
  • The Almirante Irizar will join a South African ship on the mission to rescue the Magdalena Oldendorff, a German vessel chartered by Russia, which has been frozen in a bay on the Princess Astrid Coast since 11 June.
  • Complement313ARA Almirante Irízar is a large icebreaker of the Argentine Navy.
  • Any eagle-eyed reader would notice that a lot of the requirements above can be met by simply using a high performant noSQL store.

Today’s videos provide a short demo of the analysis, please work through the tutorials on your own first to get all the details and background information, and refer to the videos if you get stuck. It takes a lot of time and effort to look at a company’s AWS infrastructure and check for situations that can cause unexpected or unintended cost spikes. With CloudForecast’s AWS cost monitoring tool, Coffee Meets Bagel has been able to catch these situations within a day, rather than wait for the surprise in the bill a month later. With the straightforward visibility offered by CloudForecast, the engineers take greater ownership, responsibility and accountability for costs, a factor they have now added to their technical processes. Use this template to develop a dialogue where you document and synthesize what you hear in lecture in a new and engaging way. Organize your ideas into a structured diagram to see an overview of the concept, understand its complexities and connections, and make decisions effectively. Workshop Playbook More Space for Light More Space for Light Plan The template will result in the co-creation of a team playbook for workshops and meetings.

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But as The Muse points out, for new employees, it can be a quick way to get up to speed on company history or where to find the free food. It can also liven up a team offsite or retreat, especially if you divide your staff into teams andintroduce riddles with photo and video elements. On 15/16 March 2004, the ship entered a maritime area designated as conservation zones under the jurisdiction of the Falkland Islands and issued demands for other ships to identify themselves.

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Atmospheric forcing due to wind-induced drag also modifies the sea-ice drift. From 25 December 2013 to 6 January 2014 (Fig. 7), the wind was persistently from the southeast, driving slush ice into the pack ice. Due to the presence of fast ice further west, this wind enlarged the pack-ice zone and consolidated the sea ice within the pack. At 18.00 UTC on 6 January 2014, the wind direction changed to northwesterly, allowing the sea ice to spread into the open-water area. We note that higher-resolution measurements of wind direction would have been useful in predicting local change in ice conditions. Based on remote-sensing images as well as ocean current, tidal and meteorological data, we analyzed sea-ice variability in the Adélie Depression from when RV Xuelong entered the pack ice. This was the first time a Chinese vessel had entered this area, and the consequent lack of weather and sea-ice information may have contributed to RV Xuelong becoming entrapped.

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Value Stream Discovery Loop Moves The Needle Moves The Needle Empathize Establish the right activities to create value for your customers to rapidly move them through the funnel and measure their progress. User Flow Product School Empathize Visually show the requirements and dependencies that inform the experience of your product. Thoughtful Execution Tree Spotify Design Design Explore multiple solutions to a single hypothesis. The Official Remote Design Sprint Design Sprint Design Run a Design Sprint workshop to kickstart an important innovation project or tackle a big problem. Team Member User Manual Evaluate Share your working style with your team and set expectations.

A detailed analysis of the ice conditions surrounding this incident may help to understand the processes of this area, and may also provide a reference for navigation in other ice-invested regions. The expected growth of ARM processors in data centers has been a hot topic for discussion for quite some time, and we were curious to see how it performs with PostgreSQL.

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  • Atmospheric forcing due to wind-induced drag also modifies the sea-ice drift.
  • Accenture Interactive Workshop Essentials Accenture Interactive NL Icebreaker This toolkit provides all the basic exercises that are necessary to run a user-centered workshop or an ideation session.
  • Design for Delight Intuit Design D4D Method is a set of strategies that describe how we innovate at Intuit.
  • We present IceBreaker, which allows us to estimate the relative ice gradient and flatten it based on the K-Means clustering algorithm, thus equalizing the local contrast.
  • The tech covers the typical pain points for developers, like queue delay monitoring, which has been notoriously difficult to keep track of until now.

On 2 January 2014, RV Xuelong tendered helicopter support to enable the transfer of 52 passengers from RV Akademik Shokalskiy to the Australian RV Aurora Australis, which without helicopters on board waited near the outer ice edge. Unfortunately, by the end of the rescue operation, RV Xuelong found itself entrapped within the pack ice. On 7 January 2014, RV Xuelong was finally able to free itself from the pack ice, directed by scientific routing advice, which is presented here, derived from the analysis of remotely sensed imagery. There were not many cases where the ARM instance becomes slower than the x86 instance in the tests we performed. The test results were consistent throughout the testing of the last couple of days.

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This prompted a protest from the British government to the Argentine government over its policing of seas under Falkland jurisdiction. The diplomatic note also re-asserted British sovereignty over the islands. The ship gained attention in 2002, when she attempted to rescue the supply vessel Magdalena Oldendorff, which was trapped in pack ice off Antarctica. You will see references there to core JEDI repositories like OOPS, SABER, IODA, and UFO.

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Atlassian went “all in” on AWS in 2016 and they continue to be our preferred cloud provider. The extent of that migration was covered from a high-level in this article. But what we didn’t cover in that piece was the number of services we needed to modify or build to be stateless. Communication in the Workplace Crossed wires and missed connections – good communication among teams is tablestakes for effective teamwork.

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Ideaminetech is the preferred IT solutions partner for a number of global businesses. Our wealth of experience in comprehensive IT services is what you need to get your business running like clockwork. This workshop brings together those with research and operational/logistical interests in Antarctic meteorology and forecasting and related disciplines. As in the past, the annual activities and status of the observing (e.g. Automatic Weather Stations) and modeling efforts will be addressed, and feedback and results from their user communities will be solicited.

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The period of ‘zero requests’ that we were seeing in our metrics was simply due to the fact that there was no available ELB to service the requests. This means it has the best chance of fully fixing the problem, but would likely result in even lower response times from the service and saves us a bunch of money from just not calling DynamoDB as much. In practice, this service actually ends up being used for a lot more than just routing Jira calls, acting more like a generalised tenant metadata service, https://remotemode.net/ or say, a Tenant Context Service across all of Atlassian cloud. Engineering stateless, high-availability cloud services comes with juuuuuuust a few challenges. Goodera is the global leader in Volunteering, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG. Goodera’s solutions provide employees with engaging and impactful volunteering experiences, helps track and measure social impact and report on your ESG performance. Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled supports people with disabilities across the globe.

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Storyboarding Facebook Brainstorm Storyboards are a great way for team members to visually show or brainstorm current vs. future experiences through sketches. Ritual Reset Atlassian Evaluate Reflect on and re-evaluate your team meetings and processes to create more space for what matters. ROI Calculator Product School Design Explore the Return on Investment for your product or service. Decision Sprint Wily Education Solve challenges, develop and evaluate solutions, and map execution steps on your next project or during your next team meeting. Culture Design Canvas Gustavo Razzetti All A framework for designing the culture of organizations and teams. Use this to map the current culture, design the future state, and evolve workplace culture. Aker Arctic has already announced designs for a longer, more powerful “heavy-duty” version of its oblique icebreaker, according to numerous maritime industry sites.

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